BridgePoint Backyard Bible Clubs

Select Saturdays between 17 July to 14 Aug. at select homes and campgrounds!
For kids going into Kindergarten to 5th grade.

We are seeking both volunteers and locations!

If you would like to volunteer to serve a Saturday at a club, we can use you!
If you want to do crafts with kids, we can use you!
If you want to lead the kids in Bible Songs, we can use you!
If you want to teach a bible story, we can use you!
If you live in a neighborhood and want to host an event, we can use you!!!
If you want to serve in this capacity at a campground, we can use you!

Interested in Volunteering?

(this form is for volunteering only)

Just let us know below what you’re willing and available to do, where you’d like to serve and which days, and we will get back with you very soon.